A global Investment Bank with local reach

We play an important role in promoting investment opportunities to investors through expert financial engineering. We provide a comprehensive range of investment products & services including funds, portfolio management and advisory, among others.

Assets & Brokerage

We provide a comprehensive range of investment solutions including fund & portfolio management on fiduciary basis and advisory services covering various asset classes, strategies and markets.

Private Banking

We provide a number of deposit and loan products as well as other financial services to meet your personal banking needs. Whatever you are looking for, we can tailor our products to fit your needs.

Wealth Management

Whether individual or institutional clients, our wealth management team is well positioned to serve you and is your single point of contact with the company’s expertise and opportunities.

High Yield Investment Opportunities

If you are looking for additional yield on your savings, whether for your retirement or maybe that special purchase, Access Global Investment Management provides certificates of deposit with various maturities. Stop by or call us at one of our locations to find the product to fit your investment needs.

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