Investment Banking

Assisting our clients in realizing value by matching investors with suitable investment opportunities across the AGCC and wider MENA region.

Investment Banking is distinguished by its strong and experienced management team who has developed a successful track record over the years in Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Equity Capital Markets, Debt Capital Markets and advisory across the Middle East and North Africa. We distinguish ourselves by developing client-oriented solutions and targeting deals that contribute to the expansion of regional capital markets.

We aim to assist our clients in realizing value by matching investors with suitable investment opportunities across the GCC and wider MENA region. In this role, we connect business entities and entrepreneurs seeking capital with institutional and private investors.

Our broad regional presence, combined with our experienced Investment Banking professionals, has solidified our position as a preferred investment bank in the region.

Our investment banking solutions cover

  • Equity Capital Markets
  • Debt Capital Markets
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • General Advisory

Our Solutions


Our track record shows that we support our clients in their periodic need of capital through rights offering, subsequent new offerings and other means of capital provision and enhancement. We have been instrumental in arranging capital for start-up ventures, growth financing and acquisition financing in the MENA region.

Initial Public Offerings (IPO)

We handle the management and co-management of IPOs along with other regional and international investment banks. In markets, where conventional IPOs are not prevalent, we assist business entities in raising capital via private placements, advice, and assist them on their efforts to prepare and qualify for listing on stock exchanges. Our team has worked on IPO’s in different regional and international markets such as Kuwait Stock Exchange, Dubai Financial Market, Nasdaq Dubai, London Stock Exchange and Cairo Stock Exchange.

Private Placements

Raising capital for business entities. Key activities include validation of business plan and capital requirement, development of simple, efficient and practical transaction structure, provision of support for the entity in regulatory compliance and obtaining approvals, preparation of statutory and marketing documents, solicitation to strategic and non-strategic institutional and non-institutional investors in addition to allocation and other closing procedures.

Rights Issues

Raising additional capital from existing shareholders through rights issues which are typically structured to accommodate new investors for portions not subscribed to by the existing shareholders.



Global arranges, structures and offers a variety of conventional and Islamic fixed income products in the region in terms of the aggregate proceeds from offering it has supported to raise. Our experience in structuring debt capital market transactions are in the areas of real estate, insurance, media, banking and financial services, hospitality, logistics and warehousing, oil and gas and telecommunications.

Bond / Sukuk issues

We offer debt programs and bond / Sukuk issues on a syndicated or stand-alone basis and participate in secondary market making activity in the Kuwaiti and AGCC bond / Sukuk markets.

Islamic Finance

We arrange structured and standardized Islamic finance, including Sharia-compliant Murabaha issues for our institutional clients.


Access Global advises on buy and sell side mandates for both acquisitions and divestitures and conducts due diligence in different sectors of the economy.

Whether you are looking to divest, sell your share in a company or acquire a new company, our Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) practice coupled with market insight and strong relationship with regional brokers provide you with value-added advice and successful execution of the transaction.

Our team has a broad range of experience ranging from medium-size to multi-billion dollar mandates across several sectors including telecommunications, banking and finance, retail, real estate, among others.

Sell-side advisory

To achieve best value for the shareholders through the sale of a company fully or partly, we developed sell-side process that includes:

  • Understanding the shareholder’s objectives

  • Short listing potential buyers

  • Preparing the marketing documents

    • Determining the value span of the business, also considering synergies to be obtained by the potential acquirer

  • Determine the mode of sale:

    • Competitive Bidding

    • Negotiated Sale

  • Due-diligence support in terms of setting up the Data Room

  • Assisting the Seller in formulating a negotiation strategy aimed at maximizing shareholder value and minimizing the risks of the transaction

  • Agreement/documentation drafting including representations and warranties

Buy-side advisory

  • To optimize the conditions of the acquisition and to mitigate the risks attached, the buy-side process includes:

    • Understanding your acquisition objectives

    • Screening targets based on agreed parameters

    • Selecting targets

    • Assessing Exploring the target’s shareholder/(s) interest

    • Determining the value

    • Identify potential synergies

    • Assisting the buyer in formulating a negotiation strategy aimed at arriving at the ‘right’ price of the target

    • Organizing the due diligence and support the buyer during the closing of the transaction

      • Carry out Business and financial due-diligence

      • Assist in Legal, Accounting, Technical due-diligence

    • Drafting of investor documentation including representations and warranties



At Access Global, we have earned a sustainable competitive advantage in providing reputable consulting and advisory services. We have accomplished this through adapting the most stringent methodological standards, as well as having an eye on the nature of the transaction; keeping in mind the stakes to be valued, in addition to a rich data warehouse and experienced human resource skills.

 Feasibility studies / Business valuations:

Feasibility studies for new ventures, start-up projects, expansion projects, and for regulatory requirements.

Financial restructurings

Post the 2008 financial crisis, Access Global’s Investment Banking team has emerged as one of the very few regional financial advisors specialized in debt restructuring and settlement negotiations. Our team’s successful track record can be attributed to our knowledge of the region’s major financiers, regulators and culture. This has allowed us to play a highly efficient role in the structuring and negotiation of debt settlements/ restructuring.


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